Society of Cartographers 48th Annual Summer School

The Society of Cartographers Annual Conference was held at UCL in 2012. A variety of sessions covered including topics such as Olympic mapping, OpenStreetMap and remote sensing. There were practical workshops and mapping themed visits as well as the chance to meet other like-minded cartographers at the conference's friendly social networking events. View the full programme »

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Latest news and sessions

Public bodies in London collect information on a huge number of topics, resulting in a vast amount of data being available for analysis by organisations such as Transport for London (TfL).

In this workshop we will be exploring the features of the new TileMill map design studio. We will learn how to create customised cartography using the Carto styling language, and combine geodata from shape files and CSV data sources to create interactive online mapping. TileMill is free, open-source software developed by DevelopmentSeed and used to design fast and beautiful maps.

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Style is very important for communicating emotions and other intangibles such as history, craftsmanship, and beauty. Maps these days are mostly practical and are unable to convey the romance, awe, and pride that explorers, early diplomats and merchants felt hundreds of years ago. Since 2009, Wellingtons Travel been on a mission to revive the character of cities through well-designed, beautiful maps.

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